Founded in 2009, MediaEngine is a national distributor of mobile software products and services; maintaining a professional staff of 50 employees and 6 sales/warehouse locations in the EU and Asia. For 10 years, MediaEngine has continually taken a lead role in setting new standards in the distribution of IT solutions and value-add services. Today, MediaEngine carries over 10 product lines and has over 500 of the most in-demand products.

MediaEngine’s corporate headquarters is located in Sofia, Bulgaria and has regional offices in Spain, UK, Belarus, Montenegro, Serbia, Vietnam and Malaysia.
Our diverse portfolio of products and services give us the ability to service a broad spectrum of customers; including Mobile Operators, system integrators, retailers, DMRs accounts. We believe every customer is a VIP and thus every account is assigned a highly trained regional account manager and given access to our technical support team.


MediaEngine is a team of highly talented and utterly hard working professionals who are committed to provide high quality and creative solutions to our valuable clientele. Our team is composed of diversely talented personnel who have the ability to effectively meet any challenge pertaining to the fields of mobile products and services.