Business Section

MediaEngine focuses on customer value, accuracy and affordability in service delivery to our clients and their customers.

SMS Services: In the digital era, we offer device independent services with the most news, sports and entertainment highlights, relevant for your market. And yet, these are SMS news, produced by top local and international journalists. SMS news are supported on various languages, length, customizable time intervals for delivery, frequency and many other parameters, which we are opened to define together. Based on client capabilities we are supporting SMS MO/MT billing as well as Direct Carrier Billing. SMS services provided by Media Engine Services are with great conversion rate and can boost Telco ARPU rapidly in 3-4 months.

Portals: To add more value for Smart Phone users, we offer our content services well designed and packed in mobile friendly portals with user recognition and with no need to install apps on the device. Entertainment, Gaming, Sports, Quizzes and many other with just one click. With easy to pay DCB, consumers are converting very fast and with longer service lifetime.

Payments: We can design and develop digital payment solution for almost any industry, laying on mobile phone and Telco capabilities. Our strength is building SaaS and make mobile payments as easy as possible

We turn an idea into a successful business